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bathroom floor tile reglazing

If your bathroom floor tile is feeling a bit dated, but is still in pretty good shape, you can save thousands by reglazing it instead of replacing it.

The cost to replace your bathroom floor can easily run into the thousands. That’s because it’s not just the new tile materials you’re paying for. You’re also covering the expense of a lot of labor, including the planning, ordering, demolition, tile pattern set up, tile installation, tile grouting and tile sealing. All of these bathroom floor remodeling steps take time and expertise - which is why it can be quite expensive.

In contrast, bathroom tile refinishing of your floor costs only a fraction of replacement; yet it will last for many years and look like-new. It’s a very economical solution to keeping your bathroom fresh without the high investment.

What if I have small cracks or chips in the floor tiles?

No problem. As long as there aren’t major cracks that compromise the stability of the tile or floor, we can usually fix small imperfections, such as filling minor cracks and chips as well as buffing out scratches. Our bathtub tile repair services are intended to restore surfaces too.

What if I want to change the color of my bathroom floor tiles?

You can! Our high quality coating products come in a wide selection of colors and textures, including stone-fleck finishes that mimic granite. When you call for an estimate, we’ll provide you a multitude of options so you can choose the color and finish that works best for your bathroom design.

Porcelain Floor Tile Reglazing

One of the most common bathroom flooring materials we repair is porcelain tile. Because it’s a very economical materials, while also being dense and durable, it’s one of the most popular choices for bathrooms. Since the whole point of having porcelain tile is get many years of longevity from it, it only makes sense to consider refinishing it when it becomes outdated. We can fix, resurface and reglaze your porcelain tile like-new.

Ceramic Floor Tile Reglazing

Ceramic tile typically costs less than porcelain, but has very similar properties due to being created in much the same way. For this reason, we also see ceramic tile floors in bathrooms all across Northeast Florida. To get more life out of your ceramic tile, call us to repair, refinish and reglaze your ceramic tile either in the color and finish of your liking.

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