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Like many bathroom fixtures, tub and shower tile can become dirty and damaged over time. Scum, mineral buildup, cracks, chips, and stains can all decrease the value of your bathroom tile, thus decreasing the value of your home. But can you reglaze bathroom tile?

Fortunately, Jacksonville Bathtub Refinishing is able to make your old looking ceramic and porcelain tiles look new again with our bathtub and tile reglazing services.

Our refinishing process includes repair and reglazing all kinds of bathroom tiles. We can even refinish your tile in whatever color you want. If you are tired of looking at the retro bubblegum pink tile every time you shower, then tile refinishing is a great way to give your bathroom a modern makeover.

We can typically restore single-color ceramic or porcelain tiles with these services:

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Our Bathroom Tile Repair Services Include Repairing and Reglazing:

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Ceramic Tile

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Porcelain Tile

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Tub and Shower Tile

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Backsplash Tile

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Wall Tile

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Floor Tile

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Professional Tub and Tile Refinishing Process

Tile reglazing is highly recommended if you want tub and shower tiles that are as durable as they are beautiful. We do not only paint the surface of your tiles and call it a day. Painting tile does not fix any blemishes within the tile itself; it only acts as a coverup or bandage, if you will.

Refinishing goes above and beyond by repairing damaged layers, then smoothing it all out before giving the tiles a new coat of paint in the color of your choice. The refinishing process requires specialized primers, bonding agents, coating, finishes, and equipment in order to get the job done. To begin, we thoroughly clean your existing tiles, fill in any chips and cracks, and smooth out scratches. Once everything is clean, smooth, and repaired, we overlay the surface with a thin coating to make sure it is even. Afterward, we apply a special glaze in your color choice. We have a variety of colors and shades to choose from, whether you prefer classic white or something that pops. We are happy to recommend colors and patterns that will enhance the ambiance of your bathroom.

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It is important to know that our tile reglazing professionals will keep your bathroom as clean and tidy as possible during the refinishing process. We do our best to section off the work area and contain dust and other debris, but we do recommend removing any toiletries from the area. Our goal when refinishing shower tiles is to leave the space like new or better. You’ll be left with bathroom tiles that reflect your style and improve the value of your home.

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