Bathtub Reglazing in Jacksonville FL

Reviving your old, worn bathtub is easy and affordable when you hire a professional reglazing company like Jacksonville Bathroom Refinishing. We offer you the complete refinishing service package, which includes reglazing. This is the best way to properly restore a bathtub, and we are all about getting the job done right so that you get great results that last for years.

Bathtub reglazing is the final step in the refinishing process. It is what gives your tub that new, glossy look. It is significantly more affordable, quicker, cleaner, and easier to reglaze your tub than to completely replace it with a new one. Replacement can cause thousands of dollars and lots of time because it involves removing your bathtub, which can affect surrounding bathroom fixtures and plumbing.

Can you reglaze a bathtub? Yes! Not only is tub reglazing a great way to restore a standard fiberglass, jacuzzi, or porcelain bathtub, but it is a much more cost-effective and easier option for clawfoot and cast iron tubs.

How We Reglaze Your Bathtub

Reglazing is a cosmetic update that affects the top layer of the bathtub and is what gives it that beautiful, new sheen. But before reglazing, we will also refinish the lower layers of the tub and fix minor surface damage to improve durability and ensure you get long-lasting results.

Improving the look of your tub starts with a thorough cleaning and stripping down the layers with a sander or buffer. We can fix minor imperfections like cracks, chips, and stains before reglazing and applying layers of primer and top coat. You may choose whatever paint color you’d like, from shades of white to bolder options.

Because tub reglazing involves toxic chemicals, we take every precaution to secure your home from hazardous fumes. Our qualified pros have the necessary protective gear, air filters, fans, and fume exhausters. We are also careful not to leave behind a mess and have great respect for your home and bathroom spaces. We provide total cleanup so that you can start enjoying your revamped bathtub.

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What is Tub Reglazing Good For?

If your bathtub is in reasonably good shape, meaning there are only minor scratches, stains, and other surface imperfections, then reglazing is a viable option. The process will improve the look of your tub, repair slight damages, and give it a glossy, smooth finish. Here are a few examples of how to utilize this service:

reglazing cast iron tub

Reglazing cast iron tub

reglaze porcelain tub

Reglaze porcelain tub

reglaze fiberglass tub

Reglaze fiberglass tub

clawfoot tub reglazing

Clawfoot tub reglazing

bathtub reglazing jacksonville

Bathtub Reglazing That Lasts

We take our job seriously, from prep to finish. With our expert help and through basic care, your reglazed tub should last several years before it needs refreshing. Our reglaze will restore your tub so that it looks and feels brand new - without the hassle of a complete replacement. Your tub will remain in your home and the process will not disrupt any other bathroom fixtures. You won’t regret leaving the fixing and cleaning to us!

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