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Ready to update the color of your bathroom wall tile? Need to refresh the glaze on your tiled bathroom walls? We can help with our tub and tile refinishing services!

Whether you’re dealing with a 1950s bathroom covered in bubblegum pink wall tiles or have a single wall of backsplash behind the sink, we can help you repair and restore the tile on your bathroom walls.

Tearing down the tiles on your bathroom walls can be a big undertaking - costly, time-consuming, messy and a lot of work!

But refinishing the old tiles on your bath walls is affordable, fast and easy. Here’s what we can do for you:

Deep Clean & Resurface Your Bathroom Tile Walls

If the finish on your bathroom wall tiles is wearing down, you might notice that the tiles don’t come clean properly anymore. Well, worry not! All it needs is a professional deep cleaning, a full resurfacing process and a fresh new commercial-grade coating to glisten it up again.

Change the Color of Your Bathroom Wall Tile

Stuck with baby blue, bubblegum pink or sharp black walls and just can’t live with it? Don’t tear them down yet! If your wall tiles are in good condition, we can change the color for you with our tile resurfacing process. You can choose from white, warm neutrals, colors and even textures to give your room a whole new look.

Fix Chips & Scratches in Your Wall Tiles

Even surface imperfections can be fixed with our wall tile refinishing procedures. First we fill small gaps resulting from minor cracks and chips. Then, we resurface the top layer for a smooth finish. Finally, we reglaze the walls tiles with a fresh coating that gets your walls looking new and glossy again.

Ready to love the look of your bathroom walls again? We’re ready to help! Call today for a price quote.

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