Can I Resurface My Bathtub Myself?

You can, but it will likely start bubbling up, peeling or chipping within a few months. As great of an idea as it might seem to save a couple hundred dollars and pick up a do-it-yourself tub refinishing kit, it’s not the wisest choice in the long term. Before you take on this grueling project, ask yourself this:

  • Do you have an industrial full face respirator to eliminate breathing in glazing chemicals?
  • Do you have access to commercial-grade bathtub coatings that are durable enough to withstand abuse? (These are typically only sold to contractors)
  • Do you have industrial wet sanding equipment to prep the surface for coating?
  • Do you have the correct acid wash to etch into the bath, which is essential to achieve a proper coating bond?
  • Do you have commercial coatings spray equipment to apply the coating as an even layer?

If you answered “no” to most or all of the above questions, you might not be prepared for a DIY refinishing project. Here’s why it’s best to just hire a professional the first time:

Cost Savings

A standard bathroom resurfacing job only costs a few hundred dollars (national average is $300-500 and our company can usually beat national prices). Whereas a tub & tile paint kit from the local hardware store or online shop, is going to cost $100-$150...and you still have to do it all yourself!

If you’re only going to save $150 or less, but spend a whole day on the project, wouldn’t it just make better sense to hire a tub contractor in the first place?

Time Savings

Although an experience, professional refinisher can typically reglaze a tub in half a day because they have the right skills, technique, practice and equipment to get it done efficiently, it will take most homeowners the better part of a day.

What is your time worth?

Hassle Savings

Typically 10% or more of the tubs we resurface have actually already been painted by a homeowner and turned out disastrous. That’s because homeowners lack the commercial-grade equipment, supplies and training to properly execute this kind of a project. What ends up happening is that the tub or tile starts to peel and chip within days or months.

The problem with this is not only the time wasted having to redo all the work you already put into it, but un-glazing a tub tends to cost more because the old paint needs to be removed before the new resurfacing work can begin.

In the long haul, it will save you a lot of time, funds and energy to just hand this over to an expert to have it done right to begin with. If you're in search of "tub resurfacing near me", we’d love to be that company! Give us a call today for a quote.

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