Can You Refinish an Acrylic Bathtub?

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Like fiberglass tubs, acrylic bathtubs can get damaged, dirty, and worn down over time. Although made up of different materials, acrylic tubs can be refinished just as easily as fiberglass tubs. Acrylic bathtub refinishing is a great option if your bathtub’s surface is dull, damaged, or if you just want to change the color.

Instead of replacing it, we can refinish your acrylic tub to bring it back to life at a fraction of the cost and usually within one day. This saves you time, money, and the mess that replacement involves.

How Do You Refinish An Acrylic Tub?

First, we prep your bathroom and acrylic tub to make sure nothing gets damaged. Fixtures are masked off, plastic sheets are hung, and tarps are put on the floor so that messes are contained and easily cleaned.

To prepare your bathtub, we will make sure it is properly cleaned by dissolving surface contaminants and sanding down the original finish until it is smooth and even. Exposing the original finish allows the new finish to bond to the old surface.

We then fill in any significant chips or holes. If we determine that the cracks are a result of lack of support beneath the tub, then we will repair the support damage before filling in any chips, holes, and cracks.

After cleaning and making repairs, we apply several coats of acrylic polyurethane, making sure that each coat is applied evenly and allowed to dry. Once each layer is dry, we give the tub a final cleaning to remove debris and wipe the acrylic down with a surface prep solution to ensure your bathtub is strong and durable for many years.

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