How Much Does It Cost To Have A Cast Iron Tub Refinished?

Across the U.S. it’s most common to see professional tub refinishing companies charge anywhere from $300 to $500 or more to restore a cast iron tub. That’s not necessarily our prices, as we base our rates on the specific issue you’re having with your bathtub and what it will take to correct it.

Often time we find our prices can even be below national averages, so the best thing to do is call us to get a quote over the phone. We might ask for photos to help us get you an accurate estimate.

How Much Does a New Cast Iron Tub Cost?

If you research prices online, you’ll quickly learn that cast Iron bathtubs can cost $1200 to $5000, which is a sizable investment for a bathroom refresh. That is three times to seventeen times more than the cost of refinishing the current cast iron tub you have.

Should I Refinish or Replace My Cast Iron Tub?

That probably depends on your goals.

Cost Savings: If you’re looking to keep your bathroom remodel budget down, then refinishing your cast iron tub is definitely the way to go. With replacement costing anywhere from 3x to 17x the cost of repair, it definitely makes better financial sense to refinish the tub you have.

Environmental: If you love the idea of living green and want to reduce your footprint, then refinishing that old cast iron tub will certainly keep a large hunk of metal out of landfills. Make the most of what you have and still enjoy a like-new finish with our restoration services.

Aesthetics: Looks matter. If you’re in love with the look of your current cast iron or claw foot tub, then by all means, let us repair, resurface and reglaze it! We’ll have it back to its former glory in no time. On the other hand, if you’d rather go with a more modern appearance, you might consider refinishing it and selling it to someone who will enjoy it. The funds from the sale can help finance your purchase, as an added benefit.

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