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Our countertop refinishing service covers bathroom and kitchen countertops, adding years of life to the counter without the high cost and messy demolition process required with a full replacement.

Countertops are often the focal point of a bathroom or kitchen and can bring a room together aesthetically. But as counters age from years of use, the look and feel can deteriorate. Even style changes can take their toll on the overall look of your countertops. If you are ready to transform your existing kitchen counters and bathroom countertops, we have affordable and quick options that will breathe new life into your room.

The Benefits of Refinishing Countertops Over Replacement

The biggest benefit to having your countertop refinished rather than replaced is the cost savings. As with bathtubs and other bathroom fixtures, replacing a kitchen or bathroom counter requires heavy demolition, more time, and bigger messes. Replacing a countertop can also affect surrounding fixtures and plumbing, which leads to bigger costs and perhaps even further damage. Refinishing kitchen countertops and bathroom counters is a much quicker, cleaner, and more affordable option.

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When you schedule counter top refinishing services with us, we will typically be in and out within the same day. Alternatively, countertop installation or replacement can take several days, and sometimes weeks because it is a much more complex process that involves shopping for material, hiring a contractor, measuring and ordering materials, wait times, and installation.

As an added benefit, refinishing countertops increases their durability. With proper maintenance and care, you can expect your resurfaced countertop to last for up to a decade. The longevity is equivalent to, and may actually exceed that of the original countertop.

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Countertop Refinishing and Repair Process

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Countertop Refinishing and Repair Process

If your kitchen and bathroom counters have scattered damage, the finish is worn, or you desire a color or material change, the refinishing is an economical process that will renew and refresh the look and feel of your countertops.

The overall process for countertop resurfacing is simple. First, we will repair any surface damages like chips, nicks, stains, scratches, and burns by sanding down the imperfections and filling in blemishes. Repairs are “blended” in to match the existing surface and any visible damage becomes undetectable. From that point, acrylic coating is applied before refinishing the countertop according to the material and color you like.

Jacksonville Bathtub Refinishing can repair and resurface practically any type of damage to your tile, Formia, Corian, plastic laminate, marble, and granite countertops, regardless of what they are made of. We also offer a variety of finishes and solid colors so that you get the exact look you’re going for, from vintage to modern and everything in between.

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