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Neptune Beach is a beachfront city in Duval County and is a popular vacation destination. The area has an abundance of parks and wildlife preserves, as well as excellent dining and lodging.

The coastal location and pleasant year-round weather make Neptune Beach, FL the perfect place for outdoor activities like golf, fishing, sailing, and trips to the zoo. You’ll also find plenty of cool, indoor spaces to explore, like the Beaches Museum.

We are proud to service Neptune Beach, Florida residents and property owners. If you are located in the area and need help restoring your bathroom fixtures, we offer a variety of professional services at an affordable price.

Looking for "bathtub reglazing near me"? Look no further! We service all of Neptune Beach, including 32231, 32232 and 32266.

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Bathroom Refinishing Services in Neptune Beach, FL

bathtub refinishing neptune beach fl

Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub surface refinishing Neptune Beach includes cleaning and preparing the tub, sanding and buffing the surface until it’s smooth, filling in chips and cracks, and applying new paint and several layers of protective coating.

bathtub reglazing neptune beach fl

Bathtub Reglazing

Tub reglazing is what gives your tub that glossy sheen. Before reglazing, we refinish the lower layers of the bathtub and repair minor surface damage like cracks, chips, and stains. Then we apply several layers of primer and the paint color of your choice.

Bathtub Repair neptune beach fl

Bathtub Repair and Restoration

We bring our bathtub repair and refinish services to the 32266 area. As your bathtub restoration company Neptune Beach FL, we are happy to fix cosmetic and complex problems quickly and affordably. Bathtub repair and restoration includes refinishing, resurfacing, and reglazing.

countertop resurfacing neptune beach fl

Countertop Resurfacing

Refinish bathroom countertops and kitchen counters in your Fruit Cove Florida property. We will repair any surface damages like chips, stains, scratches, and burns by sanding down the imperfections, filling in blemishes, and reglazing the countertop in the color of your choice.

Shower Refinishing neptune beach fl

Shower Refinishing

Neptune Beach shower refinishing includes fiberglass shower repair, shower resurfacing, shower reglaze, shower stall repair, reglazing shower tile, and much more.

Tile Refinishing neptune beach fl

Tile Refinishing

We can use our bathroom tile refinishing process to reglaze ceramic tile, resurface tub and shower tile, repair floor and wall tile, fix cracks, chips, and stains on backsplash tile, plus much more!

Sink Refinishing neptune beach fl

Sink Refinishing

We can restore bathroom sinks just like we do tubs and showers. Call us to reglaze a porcelain sink, sink resurfacing, or sink refinishing in Neptune Beach, FL.

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We are able to work with many kinds of bathroom materials, including acrylic, porcelain, fiberglass, cast iron, and ceramic. Call us today at 904-932-1550 for a quote and book before our schedule fills up!

porcelain tub refinishing neptune beach fl

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