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Our bathroom resurfacing process isn’t just for tubs and tiles. We can restore your entire shower, including the shower floor. Our tub and shower refinishing service allows you to keep your existing shower stall, restore the shower pan floor and save thousands by avoiding replacement.

Is the bottom of your shower dirty, rusted, chipped, scratched or simply the wrong color? We’ll get it fixed up like new!

Shower Pan Deep Cleaning

Even the toughest grime and stains can be removed with our deep cleaning process. Unlike the clean products and tools you have at home, our commercial agents and equipment are built for handling tough dirt. We’ll get the bottom of your shower clean again.

Shower Pan Rust Removal

Rust and lime buildup can occur at the base of your shower from exposure to elements in the water. It’s tough, if not impossible, to remove these layers using common household products. However, we have the professional resources to clear it away so you can get a clean shower floor back.

Shower Pan Repair

Chips and scratches are no match for our shower resurfacing experts! We’ll fill and buffer out dents and dings to create a level surface once again in preparation for a complete recoating.

Shower Pan Reglazing

The final phase of your shower pan restoration will be the professional reglazing service. Here we apply a commercial coating, much like a paint, through even spray technology. It’s a lasting application that will resist wear for years to come. Use our glaze to not only bring back the shine to your shower floor, but also to change the color to a tone that matches your new bathroom remodel.

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