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shower stall refinishing

Is your shower showing some age? Don’t replace it; reglaze it and save thousands! Installing a brand new shower is a costly, time-consuming, messy endeavor. Not only will you have to live without your bathroom for weeks (not fun) and deal with dusty demolition, you’ll have to invest thousands to install a new shower. This is because the old material must come out first, new material must be purchased and a new unit installed with proper waterproofing, mold barriers and plumbing. There is a lot involved in getting a new shower!

On the other hand, shower stall refinishing is a very quick, painless, affordable alternative! Resurfacing tubs and showers includes:

  • Repairing small tile cracks and chips
  • Changing the color or your shower surround or tile
  • Deep cleaning shower linings that won’t come clean anymore
  • Reglazing the shower surface to a bright shine again

Acrylic Shower Liners

If your shower is a traditional 3-wall tile surround, our reglazing services are exactly what you need. We can fix minor chips and cracks in the existing tile, refinish the surface to remove grime and uneven spots and then coat the tile in a fresh commercial paint in the color and texture of your choosing.

Fiberglass Shower Surrounds

When acrylic shower surrounds age, they tend to look dull, dirty and worn. It becomes increasingly harder to clean them once the finish wears off. Luckily, we can fix all these issues with a fresh shower reglaze. Not only will our process clean up the liner, it will also restore the gleam in the surface and even provide you a different color if you prefer.

Shower Pan Reglazing

Dirt, stains and peeling finish are not reasons to replace your existing fiberglass shower if it’s in good condition. We can fix all these concerns with a full refinishing and reglazing process.

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