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shower tile reglazing

Has your tiled shower seen better days? Don’t worry. We can repair chips, clean grime, restore sheen and even change the color!

Just because your shower tile is starting to look dull and not come clean anymore, doesn’t mean it’s time to replace. If the tiles are, for the most part, in really good shape and not falling off, they can most likely be repaired.

That’s the ideal scenario for most homeowners because replacing 3 shower walls of tile can be a costly undertaking. Between the tear off, new material costs, water sealing, mold prevention, tile installation and grouting, remodeling your tiled shower can get expensive.

That’s why it’s a great idea to consider tile refinishing instead. It’s a pretty quick process in that we’re usually done in a day and you’ll have your shower back in 1-2 days. It’s far more affordable than replacement and it lasts up to 10 or 20 years, depending upon the level of wear and tear.

Can you reglaze a porcelain tile shower?

Yes. If you have shower walls made with porcelain tile, we can refinish it with our 3 step process: repair, resurface reglaze. We’ll first deal with surface imperfections, like chips and scratches. Next, we’ll buff the top layer to create a smooth even surface. Finally, we’ll apply commercial coatings in the color and finish you choose.

WCan you refinish a ceramic tile shower?

Yes, ceramic tile is a popular choice for showers and we can refinish them. Step 1 is to fill small cracks and dents. Step 2 requires us to resurface the upper layer to create a smooth effect. Step 3 is to reglaze the tile in whichever texture and color you pick.

Can you repair chips in the shower tile?

Yes, we can fix minor chips and scratches in most porcelain and ceramic tile. This usually involves filling in gaps and then smoothing out the entire shower tile surface so that it is even and ready to accept the reglazing paint.

Can you change the color of the shower tiles?

You sure can! If you like bright, clean white, we can certainly keep it classic. If you want bold, modern black, that’s an option too. If you like warm tones with textured effects, we have a stone-fleck selection that works nicely as well. Ask about our options.

Don’t live with a dated shower you don’t enjoy. Let us help you restore the shine and bring new life back to your shower again with our tub and tile reglazing services! Call today.

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