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As one of the most used fixtures in a home, bathroom sinks are built to last, but even the hardiest porcelain sinks are susceptible to stains, chips, scratches, and other surface damage. You could replace your old sink, but it is much more affordable to refinish it. Sink refinishing is an opportunity to give your bathroom fixture the strength and beauty it once had at a fraction of the cost it would be to replace it altogether.

Jacksonville Bathtub Refinishing Masters offers porcelain sink repair just like we do tubs and showers. Both porcelain sinks and cast-iron sinks can be improved by our restoration process. We can do a full reglaze, a resurface, or a refinish on any type of sink, from traditional countertop bowls and drop-ins to pedestal and farmhouse styles.

We provide the following sink restoration services:

  • Repairs of minor cracks, chips, stains and scratches
  • Resurfacing for a smooth consistency
  • Reglazing for a glossy finish
  • Refinishing in a new color (ex. white, bone etc.)

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Sink Refinishing

Tub and sink refinishing involves fixing the outer sealant of your bathroom sink and giving it a fresh coat of paint. This option is perfect for sinks that are in relatively good shape, but may have minor surface imperfections. When we refinish porcelain sinks, we buff down the sink to the liner where we make repairs before applying the paint color of your choice, whether it’s a neutral tone or something more vibrant. This is the ideal process if you want to give your bathroom sink an updated look or restore it back to its original state.

Sink Resurfacing and Repair

Resurfacing sinks is a lengthier, more involved process that is best suited for bathroom and kitchen sinks that have deeper rooted issues due to deterioration. During porcelain sink repair, we buff down all the layers and liner before repairing the damage. Take into account that it is more difficult to resurface a sink than it is to resurface a tub or shower due to the smaller size and angles of a bathroom sink. But if your sink needs resurfacing and repairing, then we will get the job done as quickly as possible while still providing you with outstanding service and quality work.

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Porcelain Sink Reglazing

Sinks in poor condition that require more repair work throughout the layers can benefit from bathroom sink reglazing. This is an intensive process that requires hazardous chemicals and a methodical approach, as many sinks have layers of very fine lines designed into them. To reglaze a sink, we must strip down all of these layers and basically rebuild the structure before applying primer, protective coating, and paint. Because this is a lengthy process, we typically recommend a full glaze only be done on sinks that have value, like an antique cast-iron sink or a sink with sentimental value.

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